Äbby (AH’- bee) Kent

Abby Kent is a degreed, professional fine artist specializing in large-scale exterior murals. Her oil paintings range from abstract to human figurative to pet portraits. Other areas of expertise include watercolor, acrylic, interior decorative mural painting, pen and ink, computer aided drawing, digital editing and set design. She is active in public art projects, supporting participation in board and community interaction. Continued education and research in new materials, technologies and their application has allowed her to expand her skills and ability to provide creative solutions to site-specific art installations. Äbby is adept at shifting artistic styles which gives clients unlimited options. She is versatile, dedicated, knowledgeable and approachable.
References and portfolio are available upon request.

Ms. Kent is part of a loose collaboration of professional artists based throughout the U.S. The goal of this group is to provide clients with the best solution for their fine art or decorative needs. Services provided by this group include trompe l’oeil murals, portraiture, exhibition / thematic props, all forms of sculpture, faux and surface design, unique art pieces and landscape design.

*Footnote to Public Art Collaborations –
Salas Architectural Details: Director, Roberto Salas, Artist Team: Abby Kent, Barry Galloway, John Rivers-Bicknell, Merlin A. West Jr., Donna Service. DAF of Louisiana- w/ artist West: grant awards & collaborations


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